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5 Types of Residential Remodeling Contractors

5 Types of Residential Remodeling Contractors

Would you be surprised to know there are 5 different type of residential remodeling contractors offering 5 very different home remodeling services?  Did you know that a contrating company’s business model will greatly determine what the cost of their services will be and the experience you will have?  Have you ever called a contractor only to find out they do not offer the services you are requesting?


Design Build and Whole House Remodeling

These are general contractors who can create a dream space out of a simple box.  Design Build companies are responsible for architecture, design, and construction management of major home remodeling projects.


Proper design build contractors are established companies.  They have staff in the office for design and architecture.   There is usually an accounting department, design department, and administrative staff on top of project managers.   They typically have their own installers (although, some times they may sub-contract out their work as well).  Design build contractors and whole house remodeling companies are the Lexus of home remodeling.


Home Additions

Home addition contractors are also general contractors and they could almost be combined with Design Build and Whole house remodeling contractors, although we did not combine them in this article because there are some home addition contractors who do not offer design.  Some home addition contractors are really home addition BUILDERS.  The  difference is they would rather build than design.  So if you hire an architect or designer separately and just want a home addition builder, these are your guys!


Pro Tip:  Find out if the contractor is a sole proprietor and what kind of team is supporting the company.  If the owner is the builder working on the tools find out if he is also the one responsible for earning new business.  You will want to determine if your project will be delayed because of the contractor needing to manage his time between earning new business and building your project.



In San Diego these types of remodeling contractors refer to themselves as kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors.  Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is quite prominent in San Diego because homeowners are electing to stay in their house longer, rather than relocating.


Kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors are often times less experienced than Design Build contractors.  There is plenty of work available to them because many homeowners want simple updates that do not require knocking down or building new walls.  Kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels take significantly less time than whole house remodels or design build projects.


Remodeling contractors can also offer exterior home remodeling services depending on what their specialties are.


Pro Tip:  Same as home additions, find out if this is an established company with a team or if the contractor is the owner/builder/salesperson/accounting person/warranty person/etc.  Also – find out how they handle the products – do you have to supply them and is that a separate cost than the labor?



Restoration is quite different than remodeling.  Restoration contractors are hired after fire, wind,  or water damage has occurred in the home.  They are specialized remodelers who have extensive experience working with insurance companies.  Restoration contractors typically do not update the home, rather they are there to restore the home to the way it was before the natural disaster.


Pro Tip:  If you have a fire or flood – a remodeling contractor will NOT be able to drive up the amount of money you can get from your insurance company.  Most kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies specifically will not bid on restoration projects because it is a different business model.


Residential Service Contractors (Trade-specific contractors)

Trade-specific contractors can almost be considered emergency service contractors.  For example, if you have a toilet that is backed up, you would call a plumbing contractor.  If your air conditioning went on the fritz, you would call a heating and air contractor.  Other trade-specific contractors are not emergency related and include tile setters (if you want to re-tile your flooring, but not remodel your whole bathroom) or roofers (although your roofer is not licensed for wood replacement so be aware of what their license allows them to do!).


Pro Tip:  Yes you can be an owner-builder and hire trade-specific contractors if you want to.  Know the risks and the pros and cons!!


Servines Corp

Servines Corp is located in Texas  We have three divisions to our company which include Design Build (including additions), Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling, and Exterior Home Remodeling.  Each division of our company has different staff, installers, and processes to ensure our homeowners receive the most competitive pricing, highest level of communication, and best quality workmanship possible.

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